Acting Supervisor

Professor Shek Chun Ka Wai, Cecilia


Ms. Cheung Ching Han

School Type

Aided School

School System

Whole Day

Teaching Language


Teaching Mode

Activity Teaching




Hong Kong Student Aid Society

Date of Founding:

1st March 2002

School Principle

Faith, Wisdom, Health, Determination, Joy, Virtue, Courage, Bravery



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Spiritual Charter

The spirit of the Hong Kong Student Aid Society is to serve those in need of care and love with philanthropy and modesty under Christianity.

As a teacher, no matter if the student is wise or foolish, rich or poor, naughty or obedient, I will do my best to teach and take care of him (her). I will closely follow my professional ethics, teach the students eagerly, actively, and spontaneously, and will take it as my responsibility to be a good model for the students.

I will care and support my colleagues with one another so that they are capable of teaching and taking care of the students better. I will never start a dispute out of personal feelings, be engaged in internal strife, or accuse each other. When I disagree with others, I will objectively and calmly discuss with them on the basis of the students’ welfare rather than personal benefits and feelings.

As a manager and administrator, I will love, care, respect and support my colleagues and provide a reasonable working environment for them so that they can devote themselves wholeheartedly to teaching and taking care of the students. All the administrative measures are taken under the principles of fairness, justice and openness with the students’ welfare as the ultimate basis.

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Education Philosophy

We believe the students are able to “learn how to learn, learn how to live and learn how to create.” Each student is unique. The school education will help stimulate their infinite potentiality and enhance a comprehensive development of their characteristics. Therefore, to teach every student without discrimination, we will offer complete and lively student-centered courses through the cultivation of religion and morality.

With the teachers’ patient and systematic teaching and care as well as the parents’ cooperation, the students will establish the foundation of lifelong learning in an ideal learning environment.